Make delicious meals at home quickly!

 Culinary training that will have you cooking tastier, healthier meals in no time!

Make delicious meals at home quickly!

Small-group, personalized culinary programs that will have you cooking tastier, healthier meals in no time.

Quizzical Chef Cutting board with fresh herbs homemade roasted jalapeño chili sauce

You’ve tried online classes, recipes, and the food channel, but cooking is still a chore.


Are you…

  • Uninspired when you look in your fridge?

  • Tired of your food always tasting the same?

  • Frustrated by how long it takes to cook? 

  • Fed up with relying on recipes?

  • Feel guilty wasting money on take-out?

Quizzical Chef Culinary Coaching

Learn how to move and think like a chef

  • Cook faster and tastier than take-out

  • Create delicious meals with the ingredients and tools you have

  • Make exciting meals that transport you anywhere in the world

  • Save money - eliminate food waste

  • Cherish your time with family and friends making great food together

Quizzical Chef Culinary Coaching:

Learn how to move and think like a chef

  • Cook faster and tastier than take-out
  • Create delicious meals with the ingredients and tools you have
  • Make exciting meals that transport you anywhere in the world
  • Save money and eliminate food waste
  • Cherish time with family and friends making great food together

I'm Owen.

Ever since I was a child, I loved cooking -- especially the part when memories were created as family and friends gathered together. It only made sense that I became a Chef. Now, with a 30+ years later, I am internationally celebrated for my creativity and culinary innovation, and yet I can still appreciate how easy it is to fall into a boring food routine, because it happened to me. 


This inspired me to create Quizzical Chef, so I can help home cooks like you struggling with the same old cooking routine, take the big leap to cooking the foods you crave with ease.


Steps to Joining the Club

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Make Every Meal Delicious 

Learn techniques to cook faster, healthier and tastier than take out and have fun getting to know other curious cooks!

You dream of making your food as tasty as a chef, but you are stuck in a routine that is convenient and easy! You've tried watching The Food  Network and using online recipes, but your cooking still lacks the excitement you crave. Leaving mealtimes boring and you frustrated when cooking.


As a chef with 30+ years experience, I am internationally celebrated for my skills, creativity and innovation. In addition, for the past 12 years  I have been developing curriculum for, and teaching up and coming chefs at Toronto’s top culinary colleges. 


In this time, I have learned that regardless of your experience, anybody who has the desire to bring inspiration to their cooking, can do it. 


This is why I created Quizzical Chef. A program that combines using your senses to guide the execution of your technical skills, enabling you to quickly create meals that are exciting and delicious. 

Owen Steinberg seared chicken liver on crouton and spring salad
Owen Steinberg Mussels in white wine garlic  fresh herbs and tomato  broth
Owen Steinberg's Saffron Crepe with maple syrup toasted walnuts  and creme fraiche

Happy Quizzical Cooks

​The Quizzical Chef session was beyond my expectations! I have taken many cooking and baking classes in the past as I am a serious foodie who loves to cook. ...we all need a bit of the Quizzical Chef in our lives. I have walked away from this experience with new culinary skills that I will definitely be applying in my day-to-day life. Owen has taught me how to look at food with a new lens and fine-tuning my taste buds to differentiate great from mouthwatering delectable goodness.

Betty & Wayne


I am amazed at all the new techniques we have learned. With each module, I learned to cook with new foods and spices and discovered new shopping resources in our community. It was very helpful having you as a resource for shopping + prepping and you were brilliant during the actual meal cooking and so patient with all the questions. These skills, ideas, techniques and feedback can't be found in a book or video. The time investment in your program was well worth it! Thank you for challenging us and encouraging us to push our culinary limits in many ways. It has paid off many times over already. 

Siobhan Hyland

​MD, FACS, University of Kansas 

Even though I used to be a pretty good cook, I learned countless new techniques in the Quizzical Chef that make a huge difference to my cooking. Owen say's that it's not the recipe, but the technique that makes the meal. I agree. My food is tasting better across the board. And I've been making dinners that tasted like they were make from a top restaurant. I loved how much fun I had cooking with everyone online.


Jill McAbe

​Business Coach, Author of It's Go Time

The course was awesome. I've always been interested in cooking, and with Quizzical Chef I gained an appreciation for the refined techniques used by professional chefs.​


I improved my cooking techniques, knife skills and my palate. I can't execute everything I learned yet, but now with Owen's coaching, I have the understanding and tools that with practice will get me there.


What I value most of all, are the delicious meals we prepare that also serve as practice for the techniques we were shown. They have added great dishes to my repertoire, I will continue to enjoy preparing them for family and friends.

Wil Dubinski, Chief of Pathology, Toronto ON.

"We feel very fortunate to have been part of your Quizzical Chef training/coaching program. After taking your course, cooking at home has become more enjoyable and successful.


This is a wonderful way to spend time together as a couple; shopping, prepping, cooking and eating -- well worth our time and energy. We have acquired so many new ideas and techniques. During our final dinner session, it was really special having our (children) join in for the eating part as well. In addition to coaching us, you're inspiring the next generation of chefs!"



Ivan Chittendan, FCPA, FACS, Ernst & Young 

Culinary Coaching

Personalized interactive coaching. 

One on one or in small groups.  

It's time to level up in the kitchen!

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